APSU’s mission is to harness the collective expertise, intellectual property and infrastructure of our group, and to grow our continued market share across several US geographies.

APSU was established in 2011 following a merger between Apex Computers International Ltd (formed in 1989), an IBM mid-market infrastructure business, and AssurIT (formed in 1996), an IBM managed services company.

APSU is a technology pioneer delivering cloud-based services into the IBM mid-range market before any other company.

For more than 25 years, APSU has been providing managed services for the IBM i and AIX platform to a variety of businesses and technology companies. We specialize in working with organizations to help them move their IBM Power workload from an on-premise self-managed environment to the APSU Cloud. 

In particular, APSU has the experience and skills to help independent software vendors move their IBM Power development systems, test environments and production services to the Cloud, freeing up their resources to focus on delivering best-of-breed applications without the distraction of having to manage their core infrastructure. 

In 2016, APSU launched in North America as APSU Inc with its own dedicated operations and delivery centers, now delivering nationwide value-added services to the US market.  APSU Inc is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

With the continued and accelerating move to cloud computing, notably IaaS and SaaS, APSU Inc is focusing on a managed services-led solution for its Cloud IBM i and AIX platform. Everything is included for a turn-key, Production, Test or Disaster Recovery solution delivered by an accredited IBM Power and Syncsort Solutions Partner.