Virtual Cloud Backup for Wintel (vCB)

A smart approach to backup and data recovery

Built on our Virtual Data Center (vDC) to leverage the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the cloud.

Virtual Cloud Backup (VCB)

APSU’s Virtual Cloud Backup (vCB) service is built on our Virtual Data Center (vDC) to give you a smart approach to backup and data recovery by leveraging the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the cloud. By their very nature, traditional backup solutions require extensive storage backend infrastructures that are rigid and expensive to maintain and are tied to a single location.

Setting up a redundant environment with multiple locations to meet offsite backup requirements or compliancy regulations effectively doubles the investment required. A cloud approach with storage consumption on demand and the flexibility to choose the location of your data is essential in choosing a cost-effective backup strategy. APSU’s vCB meets and exceeds this requirement.


Your data will be stored in compliant data centers and can be encrypted at source and in transit to add an additional level of security.

Managed by Experts

Your vCB solution will be managed by our Symantec accredited backup experts. They can be there to support you and ensure your data is available, 24/7.

Data Restores

Extremely fast restores when you need them, with the ability to replicate to multiple American Virtual Data Centers for offsite storage resilience should it be required.

Backup times accelerated

With up to 100x faster backups and less transmitted data, a full backup image can be completed in the same time as it takes to do an incremental.

Benefits of Virtual Cloud Backup for Wintel

Managed Backups

APSU’s cloud vCB is a managed service, taking away the effort involved in ensuring your system backups are complete and recoverable when needed. Provided by an IBM Cloud-accredited Managed Service Provider, APSU provides the expertise to build resilience for your critical data. At any time, the service can be extended to provide real-time replication with our Virtual Server Recovery (vSR) solution, providing confidence that, as your business needs change, your data recovery options can evolve.

Basic Architecture

APSU’s vCB solution is suitable for both VMware virtual environments as well as standalone systems.
From deployed Symantec NetBackup agents, data is backed up locally either by APSU provided dedicated hardware or if the client prefers onto their existing infrastructure. Using the application’s accelerators to dramatically reduce backup times, as high as 100x in some instances, after the backup is complete, data is encrypted and pushed to APSU’s vCB cloud in real time to the schedule agreed. Local and Cloud data retention is then set to meet audit and business requirements.

The solution also has advanced tools to reduce data replication traffic such as global inline or client side de-duplication, compression and encryption.

Separate your data over multiple locations

Backups and the associated extensive data transfers introduce challenges for successful implementation in a cloud environment. This is especially true for many of the traditional cloud providers that have concentrated their cloud infrastructures in large single-site facilities. The result is limited bandwidth throughput from and highly expensive data transfer costs to your cloud environment with no way cost effectively to separate your data over multiple geographic locations.

APSU solves these challenges by integrating our vCB in the cloud by use of APSU’s Virtual Data Center (vDC). vDC is integrated into a pan-American fibre network and can be used as a private cloud solution fully integrated into your corporate VPN. Together with inline deduplication, bandwidth costs are reduced and faster off-site data storage is achieved.

Backup Software of Choice

Symantec Netbackup has been the leader in backup and data recovery solutions to the enterprise for over a decade and APSU is proud to have partnered with Symantec to develop the platform that powers our vCB.

The technology allows us to take advantage of enterprise-level features such as application-consistent protection, granular file-level restore capabilities and control over retention periods as well as inline deduplication to deliver our cost-effective backup solution.

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