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A secure IBM i cloud solution for business

APSU is a technology pioneer delivering cloud-based services in the IBM mid-range market before any other company.

APSU's IBM i Cloud Platform

APSU is a technology pioneer delivering cloud-based services in the IBM mid-range market before any other company.

With the continued and accelerating move to cloud computing, notably IaaS and SaaS, APSU is focused on providing a managed services-led solution for its IBM i (also known as iSeries and AS/400) cloud platform. APSU is an accredited IBM Power i Partner, and provides a complete service offering clients a turnkey, production, test and High Availability solutions to all their cloud requirements.

Proven Pedigree

APSU delivered the first cloud-based service for IBM’s Power i (formerly known as iSeries and AS/400) platform in 2005. APSU was also IBM’s first partner to secure MSP accreditation for the IBM Managed Services Partner program in the UK. APSU today has the highest number of IBM i Cloud footprints and the highest number of supported Power i environments in the UK and Europe.

Endorsed by IBM

APSU is considered by IBM as a key strategic partner. APSU is a highly technically accredited IBM Business Partner in the US and Europe and is the only company to have its managed service products white labelled by IBM.


APSU’s Cloud is not just IBM i, it is truly multi-platform. Assisting customers to choose the software they need to run their business
and not be burdened by the technology platform it runs on.


Offers scalable IT infrastructure that evolves to meet growing business needs. Applications hosted on the IBM i Cloud automatically scale to handle the peak and volume demands your business faces, ensuring you only pay for what you use.


You can mix and match services to suit your cloud requirements. APSU’s experience and skills allow the rapid transition of IBM i development systems, test environments and production services to the cloud.


APSU provides cloud services for IBM and financial institutions, where security of access to data is paramount. The IBM i Cloud is protected against all security-related exit points, has network filtering with powerful intrusion detection modules and full user-to-server security.


Designed using IBM’s latest Power Server technology and incorporating IBM Flash Storage, APSU’s IBM i Cloud offers extreme performance with low latency.

Highly Available

APSU’s Cloud is delivered from secure multiple US Data Centers, offering tiered availability options from alternate data center backups to a fully managed High Availability service, ensuring your application uptime meets your business needs.

Clone in Minutes

APSU’s Cloud storage technology is ideal for application testing or data validation, allowing full volume cloning, point-in-time copying and reverse restore of a volume.

Cloud Savings

APSU provides a secure and stable cloud-based delivery model, which helps realize significant savings over on-premise infrastructure. In addition, existing IBM i licensing can still be retained and transferred to the APSU Cloud under MSP rules, reducing costs even further.


APSU "Testing-as-a-service" provides code promotion with safe and hassle free regression for application development on IBM i. Safeguard your business from unplanned or potentially damaging code changes using a Cloud Test Environment that has full Software Change Management (SCM) built in.

Cloud Managed

The APSU Cloud can be delivered with a full stack of integrated managed services designed for critical and/or development workloads for IBM i, Wintel, Linux and AIX. Cloud managed services start with the cloud infrastructure, including OS, and can be extended to patching, backup, security and application management.


APSU assists many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide white-labelled services to enable them to make an accelerated move to cloud computing. In addition, global systems integrators are already deploying solutions with over 1.5 million subscribers, using APSU's IBM i Cloud as their technology platform.

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