Network Diagnostic Assist (NDA)

Connection to your customers is important

Ensure it is monitored. APSU is a Cisco Premier Partner and advanced Security/Wireless specialist.

Network Component Monitoring

This service is designed to provide better visibility of a customer’s network to assist with the proactive identification of network based issues. The network environment can be client side, hosted and that which connects the two. Once APSU has a clear view of all key networking components, clientless monitoring is setup to monitor each of these components.

Monitoring & Response

Should a failure occur in the network, APSU will undertake diagnostic tests to identify the cause of the failure. APSU would then be able to liaise with the relevant parties to resolve the issue.


APSU has a broad experience and engineering resource to resolve issues not only within the network but particularly with regard to network integration issues related with Wintel and Power i host systems.

IP Connection

This service is clientless so only IP connectivity is required for visibility of the network links and devices. APSU can provide connectivity required for remote environments.

NDA Module

Delivered as a modular service offering for Cisco Maintenance agreements and APSU managed services for Power i and Wintel environments.

What requires monitoring?

APSU can leverage a number of network audit services to identify the network scope and resolve any communications problems prior to providing a Network Diagnostics Assist service.

Keep documentation current

Once an environment has been audited. If required, APSU can undertake annual monitoring of changes to the networking environment to ensure documentation is maintained, and effective monitoring is maintained.

Integrated maintenance

Where hardware support is required APSU can provide this at some of the markets most competitive rates.

End to end service

This service complements other APSU Wintel and Power i solutions either managed by APSU or client side environments. With Network Diagnostic Assist Service in place APSU can have a more complete view the systems being managed.

Device Scope

APSU Network Diagnostic Assist Service can monitor IP network components including:

• Routers
• Switches
• Security devices
• Wireless devices
• WAN connections
• Virtual Server Network infrastructure

APSU Capability

APSU are a long standing Cisco Premier Partner with Advanced specializations in Security and Wireless. The engineering and consulting team support Cisco accreditation in addition to independent industry certifications such as CISSP. APSU architects and implements many of the Network environments we Manage, as such we are well positioned to provide Network Diagnostic Assist as an ongoing service.

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