IBM i Systems Management

With more than 10 core IBM i System Management tools, let Maximize automate your IT business processes to increase workflow efficiency.

Systems Management

Introducing: Maximize

APSU’s Systems Management Solution provides a family of tools, utilities, monitoring and configuration for IBM Power Systems environments (formerly know as the iSeries and AS/400). With more than 10 core IBM i System Management tools, let Maximize automate your IT business processes to increase workflow efficiency.

Key Features


Mobile 2 Way communications, enabling reply to messages from a mobile device, execution of IBM i commands or to initiate automated workflows with a fully audited workflow.

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Back up and recovery is one of the most critical functions we have to manage on the iSeries systems. Without the ability to recover in the event of a disaster we cannot simply dare risk using the systems for any business critical functions.

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In a rapidly developing environment your iSeries resources will become increasingly tasked on a regular basis. As your customer base widens, or your stock levels increase, so will the strain on your system.

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A complete Spool File Management System; capable of reducing to a minimum the degradation on system performance, disk space occupancy, and operational efficiency caused by the proliferation of spool files which inevitably occurs during day-to-day system operation.

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Your Power i is extremely efficient at running jobs that operators submit to it, however these jobs often need to be repeated on a different day and time.

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High-level development staff members are a very important resource with many demands on their time. It is impractical for such a valuable resource to be wasted on tasks that can be reliably automated.

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Automated monitoring and alerting is desirable for any IBM i system. maxMonitor enables 24/7 monitoring of many areas of the system with full network support and alerting.

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Any organization running an IBM i will be aware of the volume of messages the system generates. MaxMessenger module helps to manage these by exception with the built-in logic to define an infinite number of actions for any message.

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As an alternative to on-premise, Maximize can be provided as a Software as a Service. Cloud based with setup included, and can be managed by you or fully managed 24/7/365 by APSU, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP).


As there are no licenses to worry about, if you stop using Maximize you will incur no new charges. If you increase your footprint, just pay the agreed maintenance fee and it will be supported.

End to Conventional Licensing

With Maximize you don’t own the license and you can install on any system and on multiple LPARs or Virtual environments without any further charges.

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